John Dempster R.N., B.A.

John Dempster
Vice Chairman- Nurse
A computer scientist and Secretariat Barts, London, UK
020 3594 6768

John Dempster RN RNP BSc (Hons) MSc, trained at Queen’s University, Belfast, and qualified as a registered nurse in 1999. Following a career in HIV, haematology and intensive care nursing, he decided to specialise in Immunology, having a specific interest in primary immune deficiencies and hereditary angioedema. He is currently Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist at Barts Health NHS Trust and has a caseload of some 250 patients with antibody deficiencies, requiring immunoglobulin replacement and approximately 180 patients with hereditary angioedema. As part of his role, he aims to provide people living with primary immune deficiencies and hereditary angioedema one-to-one education and training on their condition and treatments. This includes the option of home therapy training and other complex home treatments. His role also involves liaising with local specialist teams to try to be as flexible as possible in order for patients to fit treatments in with work, leisure and other life plans.  His team are keen to be at the forefront of modern medicine and participate in research and development projects where they feel that these have potential for improving understanding, improving care or just generally making life a little easier.

In addition to his clinical work, John participates in the medical advisory panel for two patient organisations: United Kingdom Primary Immune Deficiency Patient Support (UKPIPS) and Hereditary Angioedema UK (HAE UK).

Immunology Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist

Barts Health

Grahame Hayton Unit

Ambrose King Centre

The Royal London Hospital



E1 1BB

Barts, London, UK


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