Our manifest


 HAEA lNO Nurses Organization aims to advance the quality of care in Angioedema, and attain excellence in the nursing treatment, focusing on the patients and their families. This will be achieved in line with the global practice parameters, which will balance the technological developments, social needs and economic considerations.

The HAE international nursing organization will:

  • Consider first and foremost the patients and their families as the center of
    activities, within the community and beyond.
  • Address the well-being of the patient as an essential value on which the professional accomplishments are based, in health and illness
  • Strongly believe in the essential rights of the patients, families and other significant people to receive high quality treatment, which comply with the widely accepted parameters of human dignity and patient rights according to the professional codes of ethics
  • Commit to advancing the health of the patient and to obtaining physical and mental wellbeing
  • Stand in the forefront of knowledge, and present an example for pioneering of professional activity for health care workers and other organizations
  • Strive to lead other parties and steer its activities to attain the optimal health of its patients, while developing instruments, outline processes which focus on advancing its professionalism
  • Strive to obtain good coordination with other organizations, with a constant attention to adaptation to social and environmental changes
  • Believe in professional autonomy, incessant learning and personal excellence
  • Adhere to ethical rules and research dogmas as a guarantee to high-quality nursing
  • Believe in nurturing and developing the human resources, to support the personal self-esteem of its members, and their commitment to the international organization and the nursing profession

Obtaining this goal will require full cooperation with all the parties from different health care systems around the globe, in an effort to advance the nursing care of HAE patients and maintain their personal health, social and economic status

HAE expert centers

Angioedema syndromes comprise predominantly rare hereditary diseases, manifested by recurrent swelling and pain. Attacks are recurrent and severe and disturb patients’ daily routine and may become life-threatening. HAE is considered an “orphan disease” and should attract special attention from care-takers. Angioedema centers have been established by professional clinics specializing in Dermatology, Allergy and Immunology. They provide medical and nursing services, as well as support and educational programs to help patients cope with this chronic condition, thereby helping patients “to live with the illness”.

The HAE expert nurse

Central part of the professional team’s job description should combine nursing and management skills, which will empower the nurse to perform his/her duties together with the physicians, under his/her responsibility and supervision and complying with the hospital’s nursing authorities

Educational background

Registered nurse

Further qualifications to Masters level and beyond in related subject

Knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology, immunology, laboratory methods, vaccination and immunotherapy, dermatology, allergy (inhalants, foods, drugs)

Job description

Capable of managing independently the clinical unit/clinic/center

Past clinical experience- broad basis in nursing (training in Intensive Care is an advantage)

Past training and experience in Allergy and Immunology or Dermatology

Demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary team

Capable of developing leadership skills in nursing, and reaching out to community, national and international organizations